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FOCUS AREAs for the Division

Strengthening the core

The value packs launched in moisturiser range in Pond’s, Vaseline and Lakmé did well during the year.

The launch of Pond’s Starlight Talc variant helped Talc business grow strongly.

Pond's StarLight talc

Market Development & Innovations

Lakmé grew strongly on the back of our focus on 'emerging trends' and a strong innovation funnel.

Deodorants performed well with innovations such as
Axe Ticket and market development driving growth.

Axe Ticket



Hamam Mothers’ Safety

We strengthened our ‘naturals’ strategy through a three-pronged approach.

The master brand LEVER ayush launched across multiple categories - oral care, haircare, skin care, skin cleansing - continued to perform well in south India. The second leg of the strategy is building specialist brands such as Indulekha. Indulekha has delivered impressive performance in both oil and shampoos, with a unique product formulation and distinctive packaging. The third leg of the ‘naturals’ strategy involves supporting various natural variants within our existing portfolio of products like Lakmé aloe vera range, Lifebouy neem and turmeric, Fair & Lovely Ayurveda, natural variants in CloseUp etc.

Iconic Engagement Platforms

Lakmé Fashion Week, the most digitally followed fashion event in the world

which has been a marquee event for the brand, continued to gain in size and scale and helped enhance the brand equity with consumers.
Lux hosted the 3rd edition of the Lux Golden Rose Awards (LGRA) to celebrate the best women actors in Bollywood on its 90th Anniversary. One of the highest rated award shows of 2018, LGRA further helped build the equity of Lux as the ‘Beauty Soap of the Stars’ with consumers.



Fair & Lovely Pehli Tankhwa

Closeup Free to Love