Our world class R&D function works closely alongside the business with a vision to innovate boldly for people & planet.

We are the pioneers of R&D in the Indian FMCG industry. Our innovations continue to break technological barriers to create next generation products that solve environmental challenges and serve evolving consumer needs.

Vibhav Sanzgiri
Executive Director, Research & Development

Our R&D capability

Our unmatched talent pool, scientific expertise and cutting-edge capabilities enable us to deliver superior products and consumer delight.

Over 730 scientists with 100+ PhDs in India

3 R&D centres in India

Access to Unilever’s world class R&D

Impactful technologies

To meet the evolving consumer needs, we design superior products by bringing together the best of our marketing insights, science & technology, and our deep understanding of consumers across India.

Health & wellness

We are working towards enhancing the Nutritional value of our Foods and Refreshment portfolio to double the number of our products that deliver positive nutrition by 2025.

Horlicks Diabetes Plus

Horlicks Diabetes Plus is a nutritional beverage designed for diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals. It contains 16 vital nutrients and is high in fibre (22% of dual blend fibre) and protein. Its breakthrough formula helps manage glucose, cholesterol, and lipids in the blood.

Immunity boosting Red Label Natural Care

Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care amplifies the benefits of tea by combining the wisdom of Ayurveda and the inherent goodness of tea delivering clinically proven immunity enhancing benefit, superior taste and wellbeing.

Inclusive beauty

We are driving positive change and equitable beauty through impactful innovations for our beauty and personal care brands.

Design for inclusivity

Our Lakmé 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Foundation range meets the requirements of every Indian woman with an offering of 16 shades across skin tones and undertones. It is developed and tested with a large base of diverse Indian consumers, leveraging clinical and dermatological expertise.

LUX tailored fragrances

With a thorough analysis of consumer insights, we have created new LUX variants enriched with ingredients for soft skin and glow. We have tailor-made fragrances to meet consumer preferences across India while delivering efficacious technologies for a luxurious bathing experience. This holistic approach and deep consumer understanding has helped us win competitively in markets across India.

Natural and clean beauty

We are leveraging our Ayurvedic expertise to expand our product offering & deliver scientifically proven solutions for hair & scalp problems with launch of Indulekha Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Mask & Serum. For example, Indulekha Bringha Hair Strengthening Serum is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Product with 100% naturally derived 12 potent herbs that get easily absorbed in the hair strands, strengthen them from within and reduce hair fall.

Simple, our clean beauty digital-first brand, has launched a new range of serums with naturally derived ingredients suitable for sensitive skin.

Home & hygiene

We are deploying cutting edge science & technology to deliver superior functional hygiene & unlock tremendous value for our consumers.

Lifebuoy is 99.9% effective against Coronavirus

We have formulated superior hand hygiene products to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Lifebuoy is the world’s 1st brand to report that its handwash and sanitizer are 99.9% effective against the SARS CoV 2 virus, assuring our consumers of protection from the virus.

We have launched powder to liquid handwash to make hand hygiene more accessible and affordable. The product uses lesser packaging materials and has a lower environmental footprint.

Domex anti-stick surface technology

Our patented surface modification technology used in Domex makes the toilet surface water repellent upon application. This helps prevent malodour and stains, keeping the toilet fresh for longer.

Surf excel 3 in 1 shots

To make the chore of doing laundry more efficient, ‘Surf excel’ has launched ‘3 in 1 Smart Shots’, a single use soluble liquid detergent capsule with a unique 3-chamber design that provides advanced stain removal, long-lasting fragrance and fabric care benefits.

Making sustainable living commonplace

We translate our scientific discoveries into everyday products that care for the planet and improve people’s health, confidence, and wellbeing.

Rin ‘smart-foam’ technology

Many parts of our country face severe water shortages. With every passing day, the pressure on the available water resources is increasing. Our research shows that 70% of water consumed in laundry process is during rinsing of clothes as consumers keep rinsing until there is no visible foam. Our patented 'smart-foam' technology deployed in Rin bar helps save up to two buckets of water in every washing cycle.

Carbon Rainbow

As part of 'Clean Future' strategy, our R&D teams are working to replace non-renewable virgin fossil fuels, also known as ‘black’ carbon, with other renewable and recycled carbon sources. These include ‘purple’ carbon captured from the air or from industrial emissions, ‘blue’ carbon from sources in the ocean, ‘grey’ carbon from waste materials and ‘green’ carbon from plants and biomass.

Along with our strategic partners, we continue to scope alternatives to achieve our vision of replacing 100% of fossil-based carbon, empowering consumers to choose cleaner products for a cleaner future.

Waste free world

We are making rapid progress towards less, better, and no plastic commitment through breakthrough technological solutions and customised packaging materials.

Two-thirds of our portfolio across our brands are now made with 100% recyclable materials. Specially designed anti-scuff & anti-microbial coatings have allowed 100% of our soap cartons to be plastic free. We are also developing special formulations to transition consumers towards a ‘smart fill’ approach to significantly reduce our plastic footprint.

Reimagining R&D through digital

We harness the power of technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to serve evolving consumer & channel needs with digital-first on-trend innovations.

Agile Innovation Hub

Our Agile Innovation Hub is a multi-functional space that houses intelligent digital tools, big data, design capabilities, collaborative workspaces and a studio featuring the latest technology that helps us gather rich consumer insights.

It has significantly increased our speed of innovation and success rate in the marketplace by re-wiring the way we innovate with digitised and integrated always-on trend discovery, idea or product testing and deploying cutting-edge automation to digital product design processes.

Some of our on-trend innovations

Lipton SipNDigest

Kissan Peanut Butter

Kwality Wall’s Desi Twist - Creamy Kulfi

Cornetto Chokissimo

Horlicks Nutri Gummies

Love Beauty & Planet – Apple Cider Vinegar & White Jasmine - Shampoo & Conditioner

Love Beauty & Planet –Onion, Blackseed Oil, Patchouli – Hair Oil

TRESemmé Hair Mask

TRESemmé Hair Serum

Pond’s Gold Beauty range

Hamam face wash with 100% natural neem extract

Lakmé Vitamin C Skincare range

Lifebuoy Powder to Liquid Handwash

AXE 48 Hours