Environmental, Social, Governance

We are a company of brands and people with a clear purpose - to make sustainable living commonplace.

At Hindustan Unilever Limited, responsible corporate conduct is integral to the way we do business. To succeed, we believe, requires highest standards of responsibility towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch and the environment on which we have an impact.

Sanjiv Mehta
CEO and Managing Director

Doing well by doing good

The Compass integrates sustainability into our business strategy with a belief that sustainable business and financial performance go hand-in-hand. With a robust governance mechanism, we are continually working towards our ESG commitments to lead change and make a positive difference to people and the planet.

Conducting our operations with integrity and respect for people and the planet has
always been core to our corporate behaviour and governance.

Values and principles driven
business fundamentals

Our Corporate Governance framework has evolved over
the years; however, our values & principles continue
to be our guiding force and have always held us in good stead.

Our values


We do the right thing in every decision we make, supporting HUL’s long term success


We take care of the people we serve and the world in which we operate


We treat people with dignity, honesty and fairness, and celebrate the diversity of people


We have a passion for leading our industry, winning in the market, and intelligent risk-taking

Principles of Corporate Governance


Diverse Board with key skill sets

Annual deep dive strategy sessions for all Board Members

Code of Conduct for Board Members, Senior Management & Employees


Partnering responsibly with all stakeholders

Respect, dignity & fair treatment to all internal & external stakeholders

Safeguarding information thereby avoiding considerable damage to business


Regular interface with investors & shareholder grievance mechanism

Quarterly business update through Earnings Call & Annual Investor Conference

Organisational communication & regular interaction with leadership

Code of
Business Principles

We believe in growing our business responsibly & sustainably. Our Code of Business Principles codifies our values, making clear what is expected from our people. We expect everyone at HUL to be an ambassador of our high ethical standards – what we call ‘Business Integrity.’

Living the

  • Responsible risk management
  • Product safety & product quality
  • The Code of Business Principles
  • Legal consultation
  • Responsible motivation

Countering corruption

  • Accurate records, reporting and accounting
  • Anti-money laundering and economic sanctions
  • Gifts and hospitality
  • Anti-bribery
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Protecting physical and financial assets

Safeguarding information

  • Competitor information
  • Preventing insider trading
  • Use of information technology
  • Personal data & privacy
  • Protecting information

Engaging externally

  • Contact with government, regulators & NGOs
  • Fair competition
  • Responsible sourcing & business partnering
  • External communications – media, investors & analysts
  • Responsible marketing
  • Political activities & political donations


  • Occupational health and safety
  • Respect, dignity and fair treatment
Policies that guide our
ethical behaviour

Corporate Governance Code

Corporate Governance Code

The Corporate Governance Code adopted by the Board acts as a comprehensive framework within which the Company, Board of Directors and Statutory Board Committees may effectively operate for the benefit of its varied stakeholders.

Gender Neutral POSH Policy

Gender Neutral POSH Policy

HUL is committed to provide an environment that ensures every person at the workplace is treated with dignity, respect and equal treatment.

Policy for Supporting Survivors of Abuse

Policy for Supporting Survivors of Abuse

First employer in India to formally launch a holistic, gender neutral policy on domestic abuse.

Whistle Blower Policy

Whistle Blower Policy

This Policy expects Employees and Directors to be guardians of HUL’s core values and Corporate Purpose. The spirit of the policy is to foster a sense of collective responsibility in safeguarding the business interest. This policy provides avenue to report concerns directly to the Management or Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Policy on Related Party Transactions

Policy on Related Party Transactions

This policy acts as a guideline for the related party transactions of HUL and ensures that all related party transactions are carried out as per arm’s length parameters and adequate information is provided to shareholders bringing transparency.

A robust structure and
an illustrious Board
55% of the Board consists of Independent Directors
100% of the Audit Committee and Nomination & Remuneration Committee consists of Independent Board Members
100% employees trained on Code of Business Principles
4 out of 5 Statutory Committees are headed by Independent Directors
A highly skilled and competent Board

Leadership experience of running large enterprise

Experience of crafting business strategy

Finance & accounting experience

Understanding of consumer and customer insights in diverse environments and conditions

Experience in overseeing large & complex supply chain

Understanding use of digital/Information technology across the FMCG value chain

Experience of large companies and understanding of the changing regulatory landscape

Our best-in-class Corporate
Governance practices recognised at
notable forums

Certificate of recognition for Excellence in Corporate Governance by ICSI in 2019

Leadership category in Corporate Governance Scorecard by IFC-BSE-IIAS

Best Governed Company Award by Asian Center for Corporate Governance and Sustainability in the year 2021