Environmental, Social, Governance

We are a company of brands and people with a clear purpose - to make sustainable living commonplace.

At Hindustan Unilever Limited, responsible corporate conduct is integral to the way we do business. To succeed, we believe, requires highest standards of responsibility towards everyone we work with, the communities we touch and the environment on which we have an impact.

Sanjiv Mehta
CEO and Managing Director

Doing well by doing good

The Compass integrates sustainability into our business strategy with a belief that sustainable business and financial performance go hand-in-hand. With a robust governance mechanism, we are continually working towards our ESG commitments to lead change and make a positive difference to people and the planet.

Through our brands and operations across India, we strive to address social
inequalities and improve people’s health, confidence, and wellbeing.

Our commitments

Double the number of products sold that deliver positive nutrition by 2025

70% of our portfolio to meet WHO-aligned nutritional standards by 2022

95% of packaged ice cream to contain no more than 22g total sugar per serving by 2025

95% of packaged ice cream to contain no more than 250 kcal per serving by 2025

85% of our Foods portfolio to help consumers reduce their salt intake to no more than 5g per day by 2022

Take action through our brands to improve health and wellbeing and advance equity and inclusion

We will focus on:

Gender equity
Body confidence and self-esteem
Mental wellbeing
Hand hygiene
Oral health
Skin health and healing

Achieve an equitable and inclusive culture by eliminating any bias and discrimination in our practices and policies

Accelerate diverse representation at all levels of leadership

5% of our workforce to be made up of people with disabilities by 2025

Spend `2,000 crore annually with diverse businesses by 2025

Increase representation of diverse groups in our advertising

Ensure that everyone who directly provides goods and services to HUL will earn at least a living wage or income by 2030

Help 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises grow their business by 2025

Help equip 1.5 million young people with essential skills by 2030

Pioneer new models to provide our employees with flexible employment options by 2030

Reskill or upskill our employees with future-fit skills by 2025

Our initiatives

Our health and sanitation products can help people gain access to better nutrition and hygiene.
Through our social initiatives and marketing campaigns we are tackling the barriers
that so often hold people back from realising their true potential.

Driving better
sanitation & hygiene

Through on-ground projects and behaviour change initiatives we address
the water, sanitation and hygiene challenges that communities face.

Suvidha centres

Suvidha is a first of its kind urban community centre that makes hygiene & sanitation accessible to all. It provides its users with various facilities including clean toilets, a full-fledged laundromat, handwashing & shower stations, purified drinking water and a safe and dignified environment, especially for women and children.

In February 2022, we launched our seventh and largest Suvidha centre in Dharavi, Mumbai, in partnership with HSBC India and the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. Keeping sustainability at its core, all our centres are solar powered and are designed to treat & reuse wastewater.

2+ lakh

people have access to safe sanitation every year

35+ million litres

of water saved through wastewater recycling and rainwater harvesting every year

‘H’ for handwashing

Lifebuoy launched its first ever children’s Alphabet Book, authored by Ruskin Bond, in 2021 under its ‘H’ for Handwashing campaign.

Through this campaign, we aim to encourage hand hygiene behaviour change by integrating it with the school curriculum.

'It's In Your Hands' campaign by Lifebuoy

To drive awareness of COVID-19 Prevention in communities, Lifebuoy and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) partnered for a public service campaign called 'It's In Your Hands.' The campaign made a humble appeal to the people of India to play their part in fighting Coronavirus by practising proper hygiene, wearing a mask in the right way, maintaining social distance, getting vaccinated and washing hands with soap.

Domex disinfect for safety initiative

Our hygiene brand Domex, which specialises in disinfecting germs, extended its product offerings to professional spaces and businesses with an aim to help provide effective germ removal solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, product donations were made to municipal corporations, hospitals and schools to improve overall hygiene standards. In 2021, we donated around 2 lakh Domex disinfectant products towards various disinfection initiatives. Domex has also worked with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to disinfect public spaces identified by civic bodies.

Swachh Aadat Curriculum

Our Swachh Aadat Curriculum teaches children in classes 1-5 the importance of adopting three clean habits – washing hands with soap, safe drinking water practices and using clean toilets over a 21-day period. The textbook version of the curriculum was rolled out in Government schools in Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Haryana. We also launched a digital school curriculum during the pandemic that was piloted in Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Delhi.

Nutrition, health & wellbeing

Through our brands, we ensure that people have access to nutritious food.
Also, during the COVID-19 pandemic we stood by India and helped augment supply of medical oxygen and access to healthcare in rural communities around our operations.

Nutrition initiatives

Our ‘Future Foods’ ambition demonstrates our commitment to being a force for good. We are continuously working towards improving our products and helping people transition towards healthier diets. We aim to help people make the transition to healthier eating by providing positive nutrition. Foods that deliver positive nutrition are defined as products containing impactful amounts of vegetables, fruits, proteins, fibre, unsaturated fatty acids, or micronutrients such as vitamins, zinc, iron, and iodine.

By 2025, we will double the number of our products that deliver positive nutrition.

Horlicks Swasthya Abhiyaan

Launched in 2013, the program aims to improve the nutritional status of women and children between the age of 2-15 years. It is India’s largest village-level, community-based nutrition program that impacts.


Mission HO2PE

Mission HO2PE was launched to help augment the supply of medical oxygen and reduce pressure on our healthcare infrastructure during wave 2 of the COVID-19 pandemic. We procured over 5,500 oxygen concentrators from across the world and made them accessible free of cost to the most impacted areas of India, including 19 hospitals across 16 states.

Additionally, in partnership with Portea Medical and KVN Foundation, we delivered oxygen concentrators to COVID-19 patients at their homes through a borrow-use-return model.

Lifebuoy-Practo partnership

Lifebuoy partnered with Practo and Reliance Jio to make free of cost telehealth facilities available for both urban and rural India

Prabhat – medical assistance for rural areas

Prabhat’s 7 telemedicine centres near our factory locations ensure that rural communities have accessible and affordable health care


HUL runs a free mobile medical service camp ‘Sanjeevani’ for the local community near its Doom Dooma factory in Assam. There are two mobile vans dedicated to the project. Each vehicle has one male and one female doctor, two nurses, a medical attendant, and a driver. Over 6,000 camps have been organised in villages so far.

3.5+ lakh
patients treated since its inception
Empowering communities

We constantly endeavour to ensure a fairer world by
empowering communities and enhancing livelihoods.

Project Shakti

Through our Shakti initiative, we help enhance livelihoods and financially empower rural Indian women.

1.6+ lakh
Shakti micro-entrepreneurs

Project Prabhat

Prabhat operates in communities around our operations with interventions that lead to economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, improved health and nutrition and skill building through education.

7+ million
people reached

Safety of women and girls in the tea industry

Improving safety for women and girls in the tea industry is a priority and we are working extensively to drive change in this area since 2016. Along with UN Women, we developed and implemented human rights-based violence prevention program targeting women and male workers and their families in our extended supply chain in Assam. Currently, we are in the scale-up phase of the program with IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, and have set up a Women Safety Accelerator Fund (WSAF) to extend the workplace women safety to more producers in Assam. The WSAF enables tea producers to implement the women safety framework to strengthen the prevention and response mechanisms focused on women safety.

Breaking the silence on domestic violence

The safety of women and girls in our operations and communities where we operate, including our extended supply chain, is our top priority. With the alarming rise in domestic violence cases during the lockdown, we were the first employers in India to formally launch a holistic, gender-neutral policy for survivors of domestic and other abuse by providing them with access to counselling, special paid leave for relevant appointments with support agencies and solicitors, temporary/permanent changes to working times and more.

Our purpose-driven brand initiatives

Glow & Lovely Careers

A program designed to help women create an identity for themselves by providing them career guidance, skill-based courses and information on job opportunities.

1.6+ million
users registered till 2021
0.5+ million
course enrolments facilitated
0.4+ million
users supported in accessing career guidance

I am Wall’s

Our Kwality Wall’s mobile vending initiative ‘I am Wall’s’ facilitates self-sufficiency in vendors by enabling them to become micro-entrepreneurs selling ice creams on the move.

people empowered
persons with disabilities
The future of work

We are working to help young people find their purpose and match it with skills that will prepare them for the future of work. We believe that while the future will be driven by automation and new technologies, it will continue to be about people above all else. To build a better business and a better world, we are committed to reshaping the employment landscape.

Respecting and promoting human rights

We aim to advance and promote respect for human rights in everything we do – within our workplaces, supply and distribution chains and through our brands. With our suppliers, peers, industry bodies, trade unions and civil society, we are working to address the human rights impact and ensure that all those connected to our value chain are treated with respect, dignity and fairness.

In addition to this, our Code of Business Principles (CoBP)upholds human rights principles and fair treatment. The CoBP also conforms to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) principles.

The principles of human rights are followed in the same spirit within and outside our organisation when engaging with business partners.