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Our Response to COVID-19

The pandemic has taught us a very important fact - you cannot handle a crisis with a playbook. It has to be navigated through with a lot of adjustments, improvisations and learning along the way. To be able to do that, the first step, something that we have done at HUL, is to look after people and communities that we serve. This is our chance to change – change into a better, more sustainable and equitable world. Let me reiterate that the future cannot be predicted with accuracy. But as Mahatma Gandhi said, “The future depends on what we do in the present."
Sanjiv Mehta
Chairman & Managing Director
The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest challenges faced by the world in recent times. As a Company driven by purpose, Hindustan Unilever Limited stands united with India. Our work covers donating essential products to the needy, undertaking investments towards upgrading healthcare facilities and ensuring the health & safety of communities and our people.
Medical & Healthcare Support
To fight the second wave of the virus, we are collaborating with governments and medical institutions across the country to strengthen healthcare infrastructure. We are also extending our support to the nation by increasing supply of medical oxygen.
Caring for People
The health & safety of our people is our topmost priority. We have ensured that all our people across the HUL ecosystem are safe and secure.
Product Donations for Health & Wellbeing
As manufacturers of hygiene and sanitation products that form the first line of defence against this virus, we have worked closely with the Government, NGOs and various other partners to ensure that our consumers and communities have continued access to essential items and other daily necessities.
Creating Mass Awareness
Washing hands with soap, masking up and physical distancing continue to be the first line of defence against Coronavirus. We have been spreading the message of COVID-appropriate behaviour and vaccination through mass media campaigns.

Lifebuoy and FICCI Public Service Campaign

Our hygiene brand Lifebuoy continues to urge people to practice the life-saving habits of handwashing, social distancing and wearing a mask through campaigns issued in the public interest. Watch the public service campaign called 'It’s In Your Hands' launched in partnership with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce (FICCI).

Creating Awareness in Rural India
Project Prabhat, our sustainable community development initiative, is driving awareness on COVID-19 appropriate behaviours through wall-paintings in rural India.

Our large-scale COVID-19 awareness campaign in partnership with UNICEF, #BreakTheChain reached over 600 Million people in 2020, driving home the message of social distancing, handwashing and generosity.

As an extension to the #BreakTheChain Campaign with UNICEF, we developed an awareness campaign to equip rural healthcare professionals & communities with improved information on how to tackle COVID-19 through engaging digital content. With this intervention, we reached close to 14 lakh people in 256 districts in 6 states across the country.

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