HUL Brands with purpose grow

Brands with Purpose Grow

We continue to focus on building brands with purpose that take a stance and make a positive difference to the society and the environment.
On the journey to becoming purposeful, our brands aim to:

Improve people’s health,
confidence & well being

Improve the health
of the planet

Contribute to a fairer, &
more inclusive world

Rexona 9,00,000+ engagements

Through the Rexona Confidence Academy, the brand has been guiding young college girls who are at the cusp of transitioning to the professional world on how to prepare for their first job interview. In 2019, the brand engaged with over 9 lakh college students across India through this platform.

Lifebuoy #LifebuoyKarona

Through Lifebuoy’s handwashing behaviour change initiatives, we promote the benefits of handwashing with soap at key times during the day and encourage people to sustain good handwashing habits. With the world now in the grip of COVID-19, Lifebuoy continues to encourage the practice of handwashing with soap to help combat the spread of the virus.

Clinic Plus #MeriBetiStrong

Clinic Plus has always focused on the bond between mothers and daughters. This year, Clinic Plus launched the #MeriBetiStrong campaign on daughter’s day with a purpose of raising a generation of strong daughters in sync with its proposition.

Closeup #FreeToLove

Closeup has always stood for confidence to get close, superior freshness and white teeth for the past 50 years. Our campaign #FreeToLove seeks to celebrate this confidence and reflects our belief in the freedom to choose the person whom you want to be with. This stems from the brand’s commitment to celebrate diversity and inclusiveness.

Domex #PickUpTheBrush

Domex believes that cleaning a toilet is a vital part of the sanitation agenda in India. It is just as normal and acceptable as any other chore and there is no shame associated with cleaning a toilet. To further this initiative, Domex launched a campaign called ‘Why the Shame? Pick Up The Brush!’. In the current context of COVID-19 pandemic, Domex is highlighting the importance of home hygiene and spreading awareness.

Surf excel #DaagGharPeRahenge

Surf excel has consistently brought alive its purpose of ‘Daag Acche Hain’ or ‘Dirt Is Good’ over the past decade through various campaigns. In the current context of COVID-19, Surf excel quickly tweaked its catchphrase ‘Daag Acche Hai’ to ‘Daag Ghar Pe Rahenge’ to reinforce the need to stay at home while looking forward to the future with optimism.

Pureit 94 billion litres of safe drinking water

Pureit, our innovative household water purifier is leading our movement to provide safe drinking water to millions of people.

Wheel #GharSeCareer

Wheel has always acknowledged the evolution of the husband-wife relationship towards a more progressive outlook, given that today’s woman undertakes multiple responsibilities and is the anchor of the family. We launched a campaign on Wheel advancing its purpose of ‘Think Fresh’ by giving women a platform to upskill. This is how Wheel walks the talk by making purpose tangible and relatable for the consumer.

Brooke Bond #TasteOfTogetherness

Brooke Bond remained true to its purpose of ‘Breaking Barriers’ and took a step ahead in impactful purpose-led advertising on topics of social relevance. Brooke Bond also topped the Business World leaderboard of purpose-led brands. At a time when Covid-19 patients and warriors face prejudice and often hostility, our new ad attempts to shatter the stigma through its message: being told to ‘stay alone’ is not the same as being ‘left alone’.

Lipton #ChaloFitRahe

Lipton Green Tea accelerated its journey of making India fitter, through communicating its proposition of how exercise, when supplemented with green tea can work wonders for weight loss.

Fair & Lovely

Through the Fair & Lovely Career Foundation, a mobile platform, the brand aims to help women create an identity for themselves through career guidance, skill-based courses and job opportunities. Over 7,30,000 women have registered to date and approximately 5,30,000 women have accessed career guidance resources and courses available online. 80,000 women have opted for job-oriented tests and resume builders.

Rin 5,57,000+ people trained

Purpose-driven brand Rin aims to provide career readiness skills to youth in India through the Rin Shine Academy via a mobile app. It focuses on three simple but valuable skills – English speaking, Office dressing and Interview Training. So far, over 5,57,000 people have benefitted from this programme.

Kwality Wall’s 15,000 entrepreneurship opportunities provided

With an aim to help vendors become self-sufficient micro-entrepreneurs selling ice-cream on the move, our Kwality Wall’s mobile vending initiative – ‘I am Wall’s’ has provided entrepreneurship opportunities to over 15,000 people and 153 persons with disabilities across India.

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