Our Strategy

Companies with Purpose last

The purpose which motivated our founding companies are still present in the way our brands work to create positive change today. We aim to be a company that:

Delivers long-term,
superior value

Serves people

Uses our scale
for good

Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) is a not-for-profit company that acts as a vehicle to anchor water management related community development and sustainability initiatives of Hindustan Unilever Limited. Through partnered programmes, HUF has supported grassroots interventions in 53 districts with 23 NGO partners across 4,300 villages in India.


Swachh Aadat Swachh Bharat (SASB)

A part of SASB, Swachhata Doot (Messenger of Cleanliness) is a volunteering programme that enables employees to become a change agent in his/her community. More than 4,000 of HUL employees across 25 factories in India have embraced a new role as agents of change. They educate and motivate their communities to adopt better Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) habits.

Since its inception in 2015, the programme has reached out to 21 million people.

Start A Little Good

Launched in December 2018, ‘Start A Little Good’ is a campaign that urges consumers to take small actions in the areas of water conservation, plastic waste management, and teaching good hygiene habits. In 2019, the programme continued to promote these practices by stressing the need to adopt three clean habits—washing hands with soap, using a toilet for defecation, and adopting safe drinking water practices.

By end of March, 2020, the campaign has reached out to around 149 million households.

Suvidha Centre

Suvidha is a first-of-its-kind urban water, hygiene and sanitation community centre built in the slums of Mumbai. Currently, we have three centres operational; two centres were set-up in partnership with HSBC.

These centres provide drinking water, sanitation, handwashing, shower facilities and laundry services at an affordable cost benefitting over 7,500 people.

Project Shakti

HUL’s Shakti programme has empowered nearly
1,20,000 Shakti Entrepreneurs.
Project Shakti aims to provide livelihood-enhancing opportunities to women in rural India by training them to be distribution partners for HUL’s products.

HUL project prabhat

Project Prabhat

Project Prabhat is a USLP linked programme that contributes to the development of local communities around our key sites including manufacturing locations.


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