Reimagine HUL

Reimagine HUL

The Reimagine
HUL Programme

The world is evolving at a breakneck speed. Gadgets and technology once limited to fiction have now become a reality. It is changing the way we live; the way we consume content and the way we shop. Channels are fragmenting and the physical and digital worlds are converging.

‘Reimagine HUL’ is our answer by leveraging these tectonic shifts to deliver a frictionless consumer & customer experience and to create a future-fit organisation that continues to deliver competitive growth. Leveraging data, AI and other emerging technologies, the program takes a fresh look at the end-to-end value chain and aims to reinvent the same for the new digital era.

Reimagine HUL is our digital transformation endeavour that is harmoniously anchored in both people and technology. It consists of four essential building blocks.


Picking up Consumer Signals

We are continuously honing our always-on capability to pick up consumer signals in real-time from online blogs & reviews, internet search trends and social media. This helps us to identify opportunities, to craft brilliant products and to cater to unmet consumer needs with speed.

The People Data Centre or the PDC combines social & search data along with existing market data to provide leading edge consumer insights to the business. This is a powerful capability to spot emerging trends and capture real time feedback for new & existing products.

The PDC is a combination of several advanced tools that identify growth opportunities at a granular, state level cut. This powers our brands to answer evolving consumer needs with speed thus driving competitive advantage.


Demand Generation

This is about Data Driven Marketing (DDM) which are a suite of leading-edge capabilities to engage with our consumers in the digital space and ensuring relevant, engaging, and personalised communication to each of our consumers.

BeBeautiful is a beauty content platform with a vision to be the digital encyclopaedia of beauty for Indian consumers. It decodes trends for our readers with relevant and engaging content and builds a community of digitally active beauty enthusiasts. As they engage with us on multiple platforms on social media, BeBeautiful also enriches our understanding about our consumers with the nature of content they prefer or through the opinions they express. Know More

Cleanipedia is the ultimate comprehensive online resource for home cleaning tips, with advice from our team of expert cleaners. This is available in 5 languages and reaches out to a large number of our consumers across the country. Know More

Smartpick is HUL's revolutionary way of driving Market Development through targeted digital sampling. It is a sample box of HUL brands, specially curated through algorithms, and is targeted to consumers through a digitally enabled end-to-end experience. Know More

MyKirana, a part of the Connected Store program, is a hyperlocal fulfilment platform that enables shoppers to gain access to their neighbourhood kirana store. It has made the local kirana stores discoverable by digitizing their in-store inventory and helping them track and fulfil orders on their mobile app


Demand Capture

In the service of the humble kirana store, our “Connected Store” program provides a brand agnostic platform for the store to go digital & capture online orders from its shoppers. It also helps the store to digitise its billing and enables it to offer the option of digital payments to shoppers. Finally, it unlocks the convenience of online ordering whenever the store needs HUL products.

This capability gives us a unique advantage to have a one-to-one relationship with our customers. It leverages data and algorithm to improve our assortment availability, while also driving customised offers that allow us to up sell and cross sell with the right products. As we scale up, this will enable the brands to be closer to real-time demand changes and immediately ensure that it flows back into our business.


Demand Fulfilment

Ensuring our customers get the same love and care that our consumers do, the area of Demand Fulfilment has been one of great importance for us. We continue to focus on enhancing customer experience for all segments of our trade by driving increase in fulfilment rates and assortment through industry-first service lead times.

We are leveraging digital capabilities and automation to enhance customer experience by reducing lead-time from ordering to delivery. This is enabled by an agile planning process that is powered by machine learning based forecasting and optimisation capability.

Ably supported by a nimble logistics and distribution network, our distribution centres are also re-wiring to deliver directly to retail with higher stock accuracies and unprecedented delivery turnaround. This helps stores to order more efficiently and cater to real-time consumer demands with a wider assortment and shelf space now.

Our factory networks are powered by IoT & guided robots which enable them to maximise leverage from installed capacity. Digital twins and 3D printing are further contributing to shorter innovation and testing cycles.



All these activities are generating a massive amount of data and signals, and at a very granular level! Data about our consumer's attitudes and behaviours, their demographic information, data from shopping baskets and stores, even from photos, blogs, and videos. However, the real magic of data comes to life when we put it to use to solve a consumer or a business problem.

We also live in a world where data privacy is becoming a fundamental right. There has been an uptick in legislations that seek to protect this right. As a data powerhouse, we take our role as responsible custodians of this data very seriously and continue to work on sustaining the consumer faith in us.

Livewire is used for our regular business performance dashboards, that eliminates a lot of repetitive and manual work on spreadsheets. Accessible even on mobile, Livewire provides brands managers and business leaders key headlines on their business at granular WIMI levels.

Sitting atop Livewire is Chanakya, a powerful querying tool that is search and key word driven. As we type, Chanakya understands our question, calculates the answer, and renders the best visualization. It uses advanced technology to create pinboards, identify outliers and drives analysis in a matter of seconds.


Augmented Decision Making

Augmented Decision Making is about supporting all key business decisions through advanced data & AI solutions. These capabilities leverage machine learning to mine vast amount of multi-dimensional data about our brands & operations to draw out new insights and recommend optimised outcomes.

Jarvis is our in-house Bayesian Network based data science capability for integrated cross-lever planning and optimization on multiple marketing levers. Co-created by a multi-disciplinary internal team, Jarvis is first of a kind capability in the industry. The "Ask Jarvis" feature is a trusted companion of the brand teams and assists them in evaluating decisions and prioritizing actions by clusters.


People & Culture

People development, along with right organizational mind-set and culture are just as crucial as technology and infrastructure in a digital transformation program. As the digital landscape evolves rapidly, we are upskilling our talent on a continuous basis and empowering them with the best-in-class toolsets and nimble organizational structures.

To facilitate this cultural and organisation transformation agenda, a central ‘Digital Council’ top team is set up that works as the harbinger of change and brings in the thought leadership on technology and transformation to the business. With representation from across the business, it ensures that we anchor the agenda on business outcomes and are able to solve a consumer and business problem, and thereby as an organisation, we create moats that safeguard and build on our competitive advantage.


New Business Models

We continue to experiment and evolve how we serve our consumers & customers.

Home delivery of ice-cream by collaborating with the online and offline food chains and delivery partners.

Direct-to-consumer platform for Brook Bond Taj Mahal’s premium tea range.

A Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brand portal that appeals to the premium audience of makeup enthusiasts.



Be it physical process automation through CoBoTs at factories or digital activity automation of finance & claims operations through Robotics Process Automation (RPA); automation is unlocking huge efficiencies across the value chain.

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