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We have a responsibility to make brands that not only taste and feel good, but that are a force for good
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  • ₹7,450 Cr Segmental Revenue
HUL tea company

HUL is the No.1 Tea company in India

Focus Areas


Strengthening growth

Strengthening the core

We continue to focus on strengthening the core portfolio through improved innovation, increased penetration and our Winning in Many Indias (WiMI) strategy. Kissan range of international sauces is experiencing good traction in the market and is now available nationally. All our Tea brands continued to focus on serving consumers with the superior products at the right price. In the Coffee market, we brought instant coffee by leveraging state-of-the-art roasting and extraction technologies.

Accelerating Winning in Many Indias (WiMI) strategy

Our deep understanding of consumers and cluster-wise patterns helps us to customise our portfolio and cater to different consumer tastes and preferences. Kissan Ketchup continued its focus on sharper activations based on differentiated consumer insights and further cemented its market leadership in the segment. Likewise, fundamental consumer understanding, right price points and targeted communication has been instrumental in the strong growth curve seen by Taaza.

Driving market development at scale

We continue to invest behind our brands and drive penetration in nascent categories like Jams and Soups. The success of our Ketchup business has been led by the communication aimed at market development, for example, the iconic advertisement on ‘Kissan roll’, wherein ketchup makes the tiffin box interesting. Even in the highly penetrated category like Tea, we continued our efforts of developing nascent segments of Green Tea and Naturals with Lipton, Red Label and 3 Roses Natural Care.


Winning in growth

lipton matcha green tea

We are curating innovations to specifically cater to the retail and e-commerce channel. The Unilever Food Solutions Professional business is also an interesting channel opportunity for us.

This year, we launched Lipton Matcha Green Tea on e-commerce to capture the growing health and wellness trend amongst millennials and the urban population that are over-indexed on such e-commerce platforms.

Fuelling The Growth
Engine With Mergers
And Acquisitions

HUL iconic brands horlicks and boost
We successfully completed the merger of GSK Consumer Healthcare on 1st April, 2020. This nutrition business will transform our Foods and Refreshment business as it gives us a strong foothold in the wider Nutrition and Health Foods Drinks (HFD) category with iconic brands, Horlicks and Boost.

Our portfolio of iconic brands

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