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HUL segments
  • ₹13,642 Cr Segmental Revenue
HUL laundry

HUL is the No.1 Laundry company in India

Focus Areas


Strengthening growth

Strengthening the core

We continue to benefit from a large portfolio that straddles the economic pyramid with strong presence of brands across the mass, popular and premium segments. We have sustained competitive growth in the mass segment led by Wheel.

The year saw the strategic relaunch of Rin Matic powders to create affordable solutions for the mid-tier machine segment.

Accelerating premiumisation

In line with our premiumisation strategy, we launched Love & Care, a premium expert care solution tailor made for special fabrics like fine cottons, silk and woollens.

We are well-placed to lead the premiumisation trend with a strong portfolio of brands including Surf excel, Rin, Comfort and Vim Liquid. We are driving access to our premium brands with the introduction of low unit price packs.

Driving market development at scale

Our thrust on building categories of the future with scale continues with even greater momentum. We have introduced new low-price and flexible packs to make the liquid and conditioner formats more affordable for the consumers and to drive penetration.

With our iconic brand Vim, we are leading market development for the dishwash segment by driving adoption of Vim bars in rural India and upgrading existing bar consumers to the liquid format in urban India.

Winning in growth

HUL housekeeping and cleaning tips

We are using modern trade and e-commerce channels to drive the new benefit segments and new formats with winning point of sale communication.

We have also created an online platform ‘Cleanipedia’ to help consumers with housekeeping and cleaning tips built from the years of experience of our household favourite brands such as Comfort, Surf excel, Rin, Active Wheel, Magic, Vim, Domex, Sunlight and Cif.


Fuelling The Growth
Engine With Future
Formats And Benefits

Our focus is to build a portfolio of liquid detergents that is spread across the price-benefit map. With this portfolio of liquids, we are not only driving future formats but also creating a modernised image of our brands in the minds of new-age consumers and thereby, keeping our brands relevant over time. Surf excel started this journey with the first detergent liquid designed for washing machines and in 2019, we launched Surf excel Easy Wash liquid into the handwashing segment.

This year, we also launched Sunlight liquid detergent in select geographies.

Our portfolio of iconic brands

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