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Sustainable Living

A decade of growing responsibly
Purpose to Action

In the last ten years, our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) journey has been a learning curve for the business. While the USLP draws to a close, our journey towards making sustainable living commonplace continues. The Unilever Compass is our new fully integrated corporate strategy that builds on USLP and lays the pathway for our Vision.

The Unilever Compass will have timebound multi-year commitments. These commitments will tackle some of the key challenges such as packaging and waste, gender equality, human rights and fair value – plus, of course, climate change and social inclusion.

Our performance across Environment, Social and Corporate Governance
Contribute to a Fairer, more Socially Inclusive World
From having a fragmented approach to arriving at strategic and comprehensive programmes, we have come a long way in creating a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion.
Future of work
Pioneered new models to provide our employees with flexible employment options by 2030 and reskill or upskill our employees with future-fit skills by 2025.
Enhancing Livelihoods
Project Prabhat
Our sustainable community development initiative, ‘Prabhat’ has directly benefitted close to 6 Million people across 19 states and 2 union territories in India through partnerships with over 20 NGOs
Till 2020
*Reporting began in 2014
Project Shakti
A livelihood enhancing opportunity for women micro-entrepreneurs in rural India, Project Shakti has familiarised many with HUL’s products and the basic tenets of distribution management
Till 2020
Our purpose driven brand initiatives
Rin Shine Academy
The Rin Shine Academy aims to inspire, educate and equip youth from modest backgrounds to make them career-ready. It has already trained approximately 6.4 lac people so far.
Glow & Lovely Careers
The Glow & Lovely Careers initiative helps women create an identity for themselves through career guidance, skill-based courses, and job opportunities, as well as online training and skilling. So far, over 10,00,000 users have registered on the platform.
Building Confidence
In 2020, the Rexona Confidence Academy has trained over 15 lakh young college-going girls who are at the cusp of transitioning to the professional world on interview preparation.
Kwality Walls
The brand’s mobile vending initiative “I Am Wall’s” trains youth in sales, customer service and problem-solving, coupled with providing entrepreneurial exposure. This initiative has empowered over 14,000 people and over 150 persons with disabilities across the country.
Corporate Governance