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Sustainable Living

A decade of growing responsibly
Purpose to Action

In the last ten years, our Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) journey has been a learning curve for the business. While the USLP draws to a close, our journey towards making sustainable living commonplace continues. The Unilever Compass is our new fully integrated corporate strategy that builds on USLP and lays the pathway for our Vision.

The Unilever Compass will have timebound multi-year commitments. These commitments will tackle some of the key challenges such as packaging and waste, gender equality, human rights and fair value – plus, of course, climate change and social inclusion.

Our performance across Environment, Social and Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance

Having a strong set of values that respect people, society, and the planet has always been at the heart of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), and will continue to be critical to building our purpose-led, future-fit company.

“I believe that nothing can be greater than a business, however small it may be, that is governed by conscience; and that nothing can be meaner or more petty than a business, however large, governed without honesty and without brotherhood.”

- William Hesketh Lever

Corporate Governance Code

HUL’s ‘Corporate Governance Code,’ is a statement of practices and procedures to be followed by the Company that has been adopted by the Board of Directors.

The Corporate Governance Code lays down, amongst others, the principles governing Board Structure, Board Processes, Board Committees, Board Induction & Training, Board Evaluation, Financial Reporting & Risk Management, Shareholder Interface & Grievance Redressal and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy which are the guiding force for the Company to maintain the highest governance.

Policy and Related Party Transactions

The Related Party Transactions Policy is intended to ensure that proper reporting, approval and disclosure processes are in place for all transactions between the Company and Related Parties. The Policy deals with the review and approval of Material Related Party Transactions keeping in mind the potential or actual conflicts of interest that may arise due to these transactions.

Whistle Blower Policy

The Whistle Blower Policy is a device to help responsible individuals to promptly and directly bring any unethical behaviour, suspected fraud, abrasion or irregularity in the Company practices to the attention of the Management, without any fear or threat of being victimised.

Doing business ethically and with integrity

Our focus on business integrity makes HUL stronger. It helps us to attract, retain and engage the best employees, and better able to select the right suppliers and business partners.

We expect everyone at HUL to be an ambassador of our high ethical standards, what we call ‘Business Integrity.’ We want to create an environment where employees not only live our values of integrity, respect, responsibility and pioneering in their work but also be alert in identifying potential concerns and are confident about speaking up in such situations.

HUL's Response to COVID - 19